FTP Podcast- November 15, 2018 “An Entire Generation”

Patrick Pfingsten talks about Republican struggles with voters under 40 in last week’s midterm elections. We’re joined by former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen on the future of the GOP, Donald Trump, and our political divisiveness. Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Google Play. Subscribe on Stitcher.

I Guess Democrats Did Have a Message

I admit it. I was wrong. I’m the guy that said on my podcast and on this page that I didn’t think Democrats had a message for the midterms. Turns out, I was quite wrong. Not only did many Democrats run on the expected “check on the Trump administration” pledge, but health care became the […]

FTP Podcast- November 13, 2018 “Cindy Hyde-Smith’s Bad Week”

Patrick Pfingsten discusses the controversy between the White House and CNN Reporter Jim Acosta. We’re joined by Mississippi Clarion-Ledger Political Reporter Luke Ramseth on the Mississippi runoff election between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy. Patrick also reflects on the results of the midterm election. Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Google Play. Subscribe on Stitcher.

Jim Acosta is Not a Victim

Obviously, the media threw a fit last week when Donald Trump had an angry confrontation with CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta, resulting in Acosta’s White House “hard pass” being revoked. Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump is blatantly misguided in his “enemy of the people” attacks on the media. Trump is trying to fire […]

The Downfall of Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions’ term as Attorney General was over the moment he recused himself from the Russia investigation. End of story. March 2, 2017, to be exact. Wednesday’s firedsignation was just a formality. There’s no place for “doing the right thing” in the Trump administration. He expects his cabinet, staff, children, Sean Hannity, everyone with access, […]

FTP Podcast- November 8, 2018 “The Middle Majority”

Patrick Pfingsten discusses how a Democratic House and Republican Senate mean very little progress and how the majority of Americans in the middle can control the agenda. We discuss a likely recount in the Florida Senate race with Gatehouse Media State Capitol Bureau Chief John Kennedy. We’re also joined by veteran Democratic strategist Bob Shrum […]


Democrats have taken the House of Representatives, ensuring a do-little Congress becomes a do-nothing Congress for at least the next two years. Unless there are dramatic changes in course from the White House and the majority just won by Democrats in the House, inaction is going to be the way of life. There will be […]

FTP Podcast- November 6, 2018 “The Man to Blame”

Patrick Pfingsten talks about the effectiveness of negative ads and how young staffers have been killing themselves for a cause they believe in. We’re also joined by McKay Coppins, Staff Writer for The Atlantic, on former House Speaker and Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. NOTE: Click here for McKay’s excellent piece on Gingrich.   Subscribe on iTunes. […]

U.S. Senate Predictions and Prognostications

What do I know? Not much. But you’re looking for predictions and I have some! Lessgo! Texas Senate: Ted Cruz (R) vs. Beto O’Rourke (D) This is the race Democrats have been enthralled by, even donating a massive $38 million to O’Rourke last quarter. That shows the excitement may have even come at the expense […]