FTP Podcast- December 4, 2018 “A Magnificent President”

Patrick Pfingsten discusses his memories of George H.W. Bush and how the next generation of leaders can take his lessons to improve our politics. We’re also joined by former Bush speechwriter and author of “Character to the Core“, Curt Smith, on some of Bush’s victories and controversies as President. Note: our interview segment was recorded on […]


George H.W. Bush and Kansas Senator Bob Dole hated each other. No, really. I mean hated each other. There’s a famous exchange from the Today Show during the 1988 campaign where Dole was ready to come on right after Bush and the two got into it. There’s another famous story from Jon Meacham’s fantastic Bush […]

The Last of His Kind

George Herbert Walker Bush was my first President. Not the first of my life, as I was born during the Reagan Administration. Bush is the first President I actively remember. I remember the grandfatherly man who appeared to care when he spoke, but also the wartime President hat appeared to be a bit of a […]

FTP Podcast- November 29, 2018 “Battle of The Border”

Patrick Pfingsten discusses the potential shutdown of the federal government over Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. In the wake of Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith’s runoff victory, we talk about Mississippi politics and politics in the south with former State Senator Merle Flowers, who ran a Super PAC in support of Hyde-Smith. Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Google […]

Should Donald Trump Dump Mike Pence?

Disclosure: I talked about this in today’s Forward Thinking Politics Podcast, so you can listen to me say what I wrote here. Or something. Donald Trump doesn’t trust Mike Pence. That’s pretty obvious. Ever since the Access Hollywood “grab her by the” you know what tape came out in the weeks leading up to Election […]

FTP Podcast- November 27, 2018 “She’s Bad At It”

Patrick Pfingsten discusses why Donald Trump is considering replacing Mike Pence on the GOP ticket in 2020. We’re also joined by former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle on Clinton’s struggles with the electorate, 2020 contenders, and why Democrats in the House should make working with the Trump administration a priority. Note: Here’s the […]

Defiant Cluelessness

When Donald Trump sided with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman over the murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi this week, it was less a shock than a disappointing reinforcement of a President who is clueless about America’s role in the world. First of all, as Vox explained, the President’s statement was simply bizarre. Representatives […]

FTP Podcast- November 20, 2018 “Fury on the Left”

Patrick Pfingsten discusses an effort inside the Democratic party aiming to stop Nancy Pelosi at getting another term as Speaker of the House. Orange County Register Reporter Jordan Graham joins us to talk about Democrat gains in the former Republican stronghold. And, we’re joined by conservative commentator Matt Lewis on the midterms, Donald Trump, and […]

Lies After Lies

President Trump gave a wide-ranging interview on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. I don’t have enough space on this website or time to detail every mistruth, inaccuracy, or outright lie he told during this interview, but there were definitely a few. On how his team is preparing answers […]

FTP Podcast- November 15, 2018 “An Entire Generation”

Patrick Pfingsten talks about Republican struggles with voters under 40 in last week’s midterm elections. We’re joined by former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen on the future of the GOP, Donald Trump, and our political divisiveness. Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Google Play. Subscribe on Stitcher.