What is the Point of the AR-15?

If you’re new to this site, welcome. We try to bring you a diverse set of opinions and discussion to help make everyone see the world from different perspectives. And before you dismiss this piece for the headline as some gun-grabbing hippie, let me correct you on that. I’m a conservative Republican who supports the […]

What’s Due Process Got To Do With It?

Donald Trump is at it again. He’s selectively defending men who are credibly accused of horrible things. Adding insult to literal injury was his incorrect use of the term “due process” and the number of people defending him based on this misinterpretation (or maybe deliberate misrepresentation). Here’s a succinct explanation I saw from a civil […]

Get on the Back of the Plane, Administrator

Maybe you’ve heard that Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has found himself in some ethical hot water regarding his propensity for First Class travel and some charter flights when he flies and bills us for the trips. Why would Pruitt continue a practice that has already left one cabinet secretary looking for new work? […]

Stopping School Shootings in America for $466.73

$466.73. That’s a solution to the not-up-for-debate, black-and-white fact We have too many school shootings in America. $466.73 a year. That’s what you would owe Uncle Sam in 2019, on top of whatever other taxes you owe— $466.73. It’s surely not the best solution and it’s likely not even a good solution, but it should […]

Why Are We Still Doing This?

Much of what I’ve had to say about the gun debate and mass shootings in this country, I’ve written before. And, that’s surely a problem, that I’ve written it before. But as we learn more about this latest shooter from Florida, who I will never name in print or publicly, we’re seeing a dangerous pattern […]

Moderate Democrats are Dead

Much has been made nationally about the “Tea Party” takeover of the Republican Party, moving many members of Congress, state legislatures and local government offices far to the right. While Republican primaries and redistricting (by both parties) have resulted in races forcing members to move farther right to win, you still have states and Congressional […]

A Giant Waste of Time

“Did we really need to shut down the federal government for five hours?” If every single member of Congress isn’t asking themselves that question this morning, then they should re-evaluate what they’re doing with their political careers. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky decided he would hold up all votes on a deal to keep the […]

The Case for White History Month

It’s February — a cold, dark, miserable month, when winter feels like it will never end and the only thing hitting us in the face more than the frigid wind is the commercialization of love and romance in the form of hearts and flowers and an endless parade of pink. I dislike nearly everything about […]