A Military Parade Should Never Be About Ego

President Donald Trump has reportedly told Pentagon officials that he wants a large, lavish military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, leading past or to the White House. It’s being dismissed out of hand by most in the media and obviously the Congressional Democrats who would rather light themselves on fire than agree with their orange-hued nemesis.

A military parade in Washington is by no means a novel idea. The last was held in 1991 in celebration of victory in the Gulf conflict. But, what is President Trump’s rationale behind this idea? Is it the 250th anniversary of a branch of the military? That won’t be until 2025. He could argue the celebration of 100 years since the end of World War I, Armistice Day, which would be November 11. But the White House and Department of Defense haven’t been able to come up with a coherent reason as to why the request was made. Nor could they pinpoint a real figure on what an event like this would cost. Though, the 1991 parade cost taxpayers about $12 million, before inflation.

The real reason is simple: it’s all about the President’s ego.

French President Emmanuel Macron made the President swoon during a trip to Paris in July as they attended the grand Bastille Day parade in that country. The French tradition is stepped in history on the country’s entrance into World War I. But, this sounds more like Trump’s favorite world leader target, Kim Jung-Un, who seems to put on unprecedented shows of military might while most of his country starves to death.

More than anything, this appears to be another half-assed idea from the administration to placate a spontaneous, undisciplined president than it is an actual attempt to honor veterans or active duty military.

Give us a good reason, and I’m sure more of us are on board.


Patrick Pfingsten is an award-winning journalist, political consultant, and PR expert. You can find him on Twitter @pfingsten1 or email him at editor@forwardthinkingpolitics.com.

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