A Military Parade Should Never Be About Ego

President Donald Trump has reportedly told Pentagon officials that he wants a large, lavish military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, leading past or to the White House. It’s being dismissed out of hand by most in the media and obviously the Congressional Democrats who would rather light themselves on fire than agree with their […]

Lies or Ignorance?

When Donald Trump tweeted the morning after the State of the Union speech, he cited ratings numbers that showed 45 million people watched the speech on television. That’s true, 45.6 million to be exact. But in the very next line, he claimed it was the most watched SOTU speech in history. Except it wasn’t. Nielsen, […]

LIVE BLOG: Donald Trump’s First State of the Union

3 #SOTU Takeaways from @pfingsten1: 1. Best speech I've seen @realDonaldTrump give. When on prompter, he sounded…presidential. 2. Spent too much time on immigration. MS13 rhetoric won't make change easier.3. NK humanitarian stories were touching, but what about nuke threat? — Forward Thinking (@FwdThinkingPol) January 31, 2018 Fin. Thoughts? #SOTU — Forward Thinking (@FwdThinkingPol) January […]

The State of The Union is Weird

I posed the question to a few friends last week. Some of them were liberal, some moderate, and a couple were to the right of Barry Goldwater’s ghost. I asked them “in one word, what is the state of the union?” One said “chaos,” one said “divided,” another said “stronger than ever” (so much for […]

The Hypocrisy of Evangelical Politics

One of the most puzzling parts of Donald Trump’s improbable rise to the Republican nomination for President in 2015 and 2016, and then his stretch run to the presidency, was how openly evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell, Jr., Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham, embraced the candidate with a sketchy personal background. Trump is the first President […]

Has Anyone Seen John Kelly?

Imagine if Donald Trump had put his phone away on January 20, 2017. We wouldn’t be talking about nonsense non-controversies, nor would there be absolute panic and dismay every single time he clicks “send.”  Instead, Trump may be dictating the national message that looks much more positive than what you’re seeing in the news today: […]

A Border Wall Isn’t the Worst Idea in the World

It’s always weird when I have to start one of these with disclosures, but here goes. I’m still a Republican and I still don’t think Donald Trump is qualified to be President. I also don’t think every single policy position he has is wrong because it came from him. Mexico is never going to pay […]

The Swamp is Swampier Than Ever

Whether you liked him or not, or voted for him or not, Donald Trump won the election in 2016, in part, with a promise to shake up the way Washington, DC works. But, one year to the day of his inauguration, the federal government was shut down in the most Washington way possible: nine members […]

This Pakistani is the American Dream Personified

A 16-year-old Muslim kid gets on a plane bound from Pakistan to the United States. This isn’t a story about race, religion, politics, war, or terrorism. It’s a story about success. Shahid Khan got on that plane in 1967. He wanted to study architecture, but ended up majoring in engineering at the University of Illinois […]