Sexual Harassment Isn’t Partisan

In response to the scandal involving Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein and his despicable acts with women, you wouldn’t believe this would become a political issue, would you?

Yeah, right.

Muckrakers on the right tried to impugn Democratic lawmakers who received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign dollars from Weinstein over the years. Apparently, their logic is that if you’ve taken money from an a$$#ole, you’re automatically one, too. Some Democrats took the opportunity to return the money to charity and speak out against Weinstein’s actions. Others went native. They returned the conversation to criticism of President Trump for the infamous “Grab them by the you know what” video.

The bottom line is this: the way we treat women is not Republican, Conservative, Democrat, or Liberal. It’s a matter of humanity. Obviously, I’m a guy who has never been in the shoes of a woman facing these types of issues. I’ll leave it to your imagination if I’ve ever been in women’s shoes. But, what I do know is that no woman ever deserves to be treated as anything less than a man.

Much more will be written or spoken about the things men have done to women.  Many of those things will be more insightful than anything I know to say. But, I’ll say this to the men reading this post: be better. No is no and she never “wanted it all along.” We can’t keep letting this happen. Call out the men in your circles who speak and act the way they shouldn’t. And be an example for your sons and daughters to respect women.

We are the only ones who can change the environment facing women. Let’s start now.


Patrick Pfingsten is an award-winning journalist, political consultant, and PR expert. You can find him on Twitter @pfingsten1 or email him at

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