Moderate Democrats are Dead

Much has been made nationally about the “Tea Party” takeover of the Republican Party, moving many members of Congress, state legislatures and local government offices far to the right. While Republican primaries and redistricting (by both parties) have resulted in races forcing members to move farther right to win, you still have states and Congressional […]

The Age of the Celebrity Candidate is Upon Us

You can’t seem to turn around this week without hearing about Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes celebrity self-congratulatory television event. The left has desperately been looking for a transcendent, Obama-like figure to elevate as a savior ahead of 2020. It seems the left may have found it’s new political star in Winfrey. Oprah, […]

Democrats’ “Old” Problem

As a Republican, you don’t have to remind me that my party is considered one of old, white dudes. To a point, there are benefits of service and seniority. Maybe not necessarily in electing a 70-year-old with no government experience President, but institutional knowledge and tenured people who understand government can be an asset. You […]