Politics is Making Me Crazy

Politics often reinforces what people already believe, that’s why we have political parties. It’s never been about tribalism or purity. Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller existed in the same party in the 1960’s, but that wouldn’t be the case anymore. Both parties have been decimated by radical extremists. The Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wing […]

How Is This Happening?

(Disclosure: language warning in the links) We’re at quite a strange and disheartening time in American politics. Some elected officials, and their supporters, did not condemn white supremacists when they caused all kinds of trouble in Charlottesville, VA, including driving a car into a crowd and killing a woman. Even vaunted political figures Jake and […]

That’s Not How This is Supposed to Work, Virginia

Most of the country is getting a break from elections this year. (Except for places where 2018 races are already ridiculous.) Unfortunately for voters in Virginia, though, they’ve found themselves subject to a mean, nasty, and crazy Governor’s race. Virginia limits its Governor to one term, so every four years voters see a bare-knuckled brawl […]

Religion, Politics, and the Great Pumpkin

Renowned philosopher Linus van Pelt once said, “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” While the young man searched for the ever-elusive Great Pumpkin, he was met with skepticism, snickers, and outright mocking. But, what Linus said in a cartoon in 1966 may be a […]

All the Grown Ups Are Being Run Off

There have been some stunning breaks in the Senate Republican conference in the last couple of weeks, but none have been more bold and zealous than the announced retirements of Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona. Flake has a lifetime score of 93 from the American Conservative Union and an […]


There was a time when conservatives, and conservative pundits, didn’t have flexibility in their views. Whether it be the religious right, who took a no-compromise attitude toward life or prayer in schools or conservative pundits like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who lambasted any “big government” politician. In the age of Trump, that all seemed […]

Sexual Harassment Isn’t Partisan

In response to the scandal involving Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein and his despicable acts with women, you wouldn’t believe this would become a political issue, would you? Yeah, right. Muckrakers on the right tried to impugn Democratic lawmakers who received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign dollars from Weinstein over the years. Apparently, their […]