The Swamp is Swampier Than Ever

Whether you liked him or not, or voted for him or not, Donald Trump won the election in 2016, in part, with a promise to shake up the way Washington, DC works. But, one year to the day of his inauguration, the federal government was shut down in the most Washington way possible: nine members […]

This Pakistani is the American Dream Personified

A 16-year-old Muslim kid gets on a plane bound from Pakistan to the United States. This isn’t a story about race, religion, politics, war, or terrorism. It’s a story about success. Shahid Khan got on that plane in 1967. He wanted to study architecture, but ended up majoring in engineering at the University of Illinois […]

The Politics of a (Potential) Shutdown

Let me let you in on a little secret.  Among the bluster and drama of the looming potential shutdown, nearly none of it has to do with legitimate arguments about spending and policy. Most of the fights and talking points have everything to do with the election in a little more than nine months. Republicans […]

I Don’t Give a S#!thole

Everybody chill. Seriously. Are you surprised Donald Trump used incendiary language about immigrants in an Oval Office meeting? Are you surprised he’s hard-lining the issue that set him apart in the presidential primary? Are you surprised he’s turned the Oval Office into an MMA Octagon? (Alright, maybe that’s a bit much, but you get the […]

The Age of the Celebrity Candidate is Upon Us

You can’t seem to turn around this week without hearing about Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes celebrity self-congratulatory television event. The left has desperately been looking for a transcendent, Obama-like figure to elevate as a savior ahead of 2020. It seems the left may have found it’s new political star in Winfrey. Oprah, […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Sometimes “tell all” books about politics are Non-Fiction. Sometimes they’re Fiction. Other times, they’re Science Fiction. The Washington media and cable news talking heads are losing their collective minds as a new book about the Trump Administration is hitting bookshelves. There are numerous revelations and passages that are getting a lot of attention, and the […]

Can Mitt Romney Save Us All?

Utah’s 41-year incumbent Senator, Orrin Hatch, has announced he’s finally had enough of Washington and won’t run for re-election this year. No big deal, right? One old conservative swapped out for another old conservative. It’s a reliably red state. Not so fast. Remember Alabama? You can expect the Bannonites, who are sounding a lot more […]

Politics is Making Me Crazy

Politics often reinforces what people already believe, that’s why we have political parties. It’s never been about tribalism or purity. Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller existed in the same party in the 1960’s, but that wouldn’t be the case anymore. Both parties have been decimated by radical extremists. The Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wing […]