Lies or Ignorance?

When Donald Trump tweeted the morning after the State of the Union speech, he cited ratings numbers that showed 45 million people watched the speech on television. That’s true, 45.6 million to be exact. But in the very next line, he claimed it was the most watched SOTU speech in history. Except it wasn’t. Nielsen, […]

Has Anyone Seen John Kelly?

Imagine if Donald Trump had put his phone away on January 20, 2017. We wouldn’t be talking about nonsense non-controversies, nor would there be absolute panic and dismay every single time he clicks “send.”  Instead, Trump may be dictating the national message that looks much more positive than what you’re seeing in the news today: […]

Weekend Reads

Let us know what you think. Email us anytime at Here are your good reads for the weekend: How Russians hacked Democrats’ emails (Associated Press) You have to read this piece on John Boehner’s post-Congress life (Politico Magazine) Interesting take on John Kelly’s controversial Civil War comments (The Atlantic) When Vanity Fair writes about the […]