Weekend Reads

Take a break from politics this weekend. But, if you’re looking for some good reads, enjoy. As always, email us your thoughts, suggestions, or ideas at editor@forwardthinkingpolitics.com America’s men problem (Chicago Tribune) A (hypocritical) take on Sen. Al Franken (Star-Tribune) Speaking of hypocrisy, meet Kellyanne Conway (Politico) This guy probably won’t get elected Governor of […]

How Is This Happening?

(Disclosure: language warning in the links) We’re at quite a strange and disheartening time in American politics. Some elected officials, and their supporters, did not condemn white supremacists when they caused all kinds of trouble in Charlottesville, VA, including driving a car into a crowd and killing a woman. Even vaunted political figures Jake and […]

Steve Bannon’s Stupid “Civil War”

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s former lackey and mind behind a site posting quality journalism like this has declared “Civil War” on the Republican Party and the “party establishment” like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Bannon has been taking credit for this guy’s win in the Alabama Senate special primary. The most outrageous […]