FTP Podcast- June 14, 2018 (Rep. Rodney Davis)

Patrick Pfingsten talks about the cult of Trumpism and how it’s tearing apart free thinking and political discourse. He’s joined by Jamie Lovegrove of the Post & Courier in Charleston, South Carolina on the Palmetto State primary this week. We also speak with Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL), who was one of the members of Congress […]

Conquering the Cult

In case you didn’t notice or were denying it before this week, Republicans have officially embraced the politics of personality we call Trumpism. Voters in South Carolina booted a longtime political figure from office Tuesday after he had the audacity to speak out against the President’s policies. Some may say Mark Sanford’s baggage played a […]

FTP Podcast- May 31, 2018 (Tucker Eskew)

Patrick Pfingsten talks about Democrats’ need for a new message in the November election. He’s joined by Kurt Erickson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the fall of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. We also talk with former George W. Bush and John McCain campaign aide Tucker Eskew on Donald Trump’s fight against the Russia investigation […]

FTP Podcast- May 29, 2018 (Stephen Gutowski)

Patrick Pfingsten discusses the Democrat prospects for a “blue wave” in November. He’s joined by Stephen Gutowski, a pro-gun writer for the Washington Free Beacon to discuss the recent rash of deadly school shootings in the United States. Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Google Play. Subscribe on Stitcher.

It’s Not About the First Amendment

First of all, let me say this: I want professional athletes, artists, regular people, you and me to be activists. I want more sources of healthy debate about important issues. I even support former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in his protests about racial injustice. The NFL came out with a new ruling yesterday […]

Cable News is Making Us Dumber

Before you say “ok, here’s the conservative writer getting ready to attack the ‘liberal’ media again,” let me stop you. This is an indictment of all cable news: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, et al. They all follow the same general format and they all share some of the fault for why our discourse is so ravaged. […]

Can There Be Middle Ground on Immigration?

House Republicans have been cannibalizing themselves this week on the ongoing immigration issue. Not only are members of the oddly-named House Freedom Caucus demanding a wide-ranging debate on DACA, they’re planning to hold up the Farm Bill to do so. First of all, as a farm kid from Illinois, I can’t explain just how silly […]

FTP Podcast- May 15, 2018 (Charlie Sykes)

Patrick Pfingsten vents about those taking joy in medical conditions or death of political figures. He’s joined by Weekly Standard Editor Charlie Sykes to discuss the ways Republican party politics have changed and how many conservatives feel left out.     Subscribe on iTunes. Subscribe on Google Play. Subscribe on Stitcher.

It’s Not Funny

Hope he dies a slow painful death. The child trafficker Arizona embarrassment John Mccain deserves it — Mr Phoenix (@ReliefCare1) May 15, 2018 I hope John McCain dies on the Senate floor. I would totally ROFL after seeing that. — TheRealLoki (@TheRealLoki3) May 15, 2018 Why am I getting push notifications about Melania Trump going […]

Chaos Strategy

You’ve probably heard Chaos Theory mentioned at some point, described by mathemetician Edward Lorenz: “When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.” Short answer, the world is random, but connected. As former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has made his rounds on one national television show […]