What is the Point of the AR-15?

If you’re new to this site, welcome. We try to bring you a diverse set of opinions and discussion to help make everyone see the world from different perspectives. And before you dismiss this piece for the headline as some gun-grabbing hippie, let me correct you on that. I’m a conservative Republican who supports the […]

Stopping School Shootings in America for $466.73

$466.73. That’s a solution to the not-up-for-debate, black-and-white fact We have too many school shootings in America. $466.73 a year. That’s what you would owe Uncle Sam in 2019, on top of whatever other taxes you owe— $466.73. It’s surely not the best solution and it’s likely not even a good solution, but it should […]

Why Are We Still Doing This?

Much of what I’ve had to say about the gun debate and mass shootings in this country, I’ve written before. And, that’s surely a problem, that I’ve written it before. But as we learn more about this latest shooter from Florida, who I will never name in print or publicly, we’re seeing a dangerous pattern […]

Politics is Making Me Crazy

Politics often reinforces what people already believe, that’s why we have political parties. It’s never been about tribalism or purity. Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller existed in the same party in the 1960’s, but that wouldn’t be the case anymore. Both parties have been decimated by radical extremists. The Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wing […]

How Is This Happening?

(Disclosure: language warning in the links) We’re at quite a strange and disheartening time in American politics. Some elected officials, and their supporters, did not condemn white supremacists when they caused all kinds of trouble in Charlottesville, VA, including driving a car into a crowd and killing a woman. Even vaunted political figures Jake and […]