Unfollow @realDonaldTrump

I love Twitter.

For a long time, it’s been my go-to place for breaking news, analysis, and a one-stop-shop for the random things I care about (politics, sports, and food) that you can’t find on any website.

Twitter’s most famous user right now (outside of Selena Gomez, squeeee!) happens to be the President of the United States. Unfortunately, instead of photos from speeches, policy tweets, and the occasional joke written by a clever communications staffer, we get the unhinged ramblings of a self-absorbed jerk.

Donald Trump’s Twitter is rotting your brain.

Stop following @realDonaldTrump.

The most frustrating thing isn’t the content. I don’t follow it. I don’t care about it. It’s thoroughly inconsequential to the real debates going on in the world. But, every time Donald Trump pulls out his iPhone and clicks “tweet” the media freaks out. Retweet reactions with corrections and screenshots of the tweets all over cable news for the rest of the day. He’s his own personal echo chamber, and if you’re reading, consuming, and reacting to it, you’re contributing to the echo.

As a pragmatic conservative, I’m not going to disagree with every single thing this president says or supports. But vitriol, hate, misinformation, and arrogance are not good tools for building a consensus on any issue. It’s not a way to govern.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the President is all that interested in governing at this point.

Click unfollow. You’ll thank me.


Patrick Pfingsten is an award-winning journalist, political consultant, and PR expert. You can find him on Twitter @pfingsten1 or email him at editor@forwardthinkingpolitics.com.

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